History: Organized in 1987, the local coordinating council in Wayne County has completed 27 years of service in the prevention, education, treatment, intervention, justice and law enforcement of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug issues. In 1995, the LCC received Articles of Incorporation under IC 23-17-1-1 et seq. for “any lawful purpose,” but has since gone back under the umbrella of Wayne County Government. The Partnership operates as a community coalition with the membership comprised of any interested citizen willing to serve their community in this area. The membership has evolved over the years to include teachers, school counselors, substance abuse program directors, program counselors, clergy, judges, attorneys, law enforcement, not for profit agencies, senior citizens, government officials, doctors and community members.

The Partnership operates with a Board of Directors and employs a part-time Executive Director. The Wayne County Auditor’s office is responsible for the fiscal operations of the Partnership. Upon the recommendation of the funding committee, the Wayne County Commissioners allocate funding on an annual basis and the County Council appropriates the funding. The Auditor’s office then distributes checks to awarded agencies. The Partnership on rare occasion has awarded funding mid-year for worthwhile programs, following the same protocol.

The Partnership has been instrumental bringing new initiatives to the Wayne County community. Teen Court was started as an alternative for juvenile probation officers for non-violent first-time offenders. The Court, now discontinued, operated for several years through the Probation Department. Hope House Addiction and Recovery Services is a treatment program housed on the grounds of the Richmond State Hospital serving indigent clients with substance abuse. The Hope House was modeled after “The Healing Place” program in Louisville, Kentucky. These two initiatives were brought to Wayne County through our Comprehensive Plan.

In 2005 the Partnership served as the lead agency for a Drug-Free Communities Grant administered by DOJ. In Collaboration with several agencies and school districts worked together to receive this funding. Although we were not funded in subsequent years, it did set our coalition in the direction of bringing additional resources for our partners and community. In 2007 we applied for and were awarded a Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant. This grant allowed us to hire 2 new full-time staff to lead this initiative and has brought many new community members into the efforts of the Partnership. This grant expired in 2011. Additionally, our Partnership applied for and was awarded a Safe and Drug-Free Schools Grant- Governor’s Portion. With these dollars, we were able to bring the evidence-based program “Guiding Good Choices” to Wayne County.

In 2007 the Partnership began a series of educational opportunities we named “Lunch and Learn.” At the Lunch and Learns, we have covered the areas of abuse, addiction, treatment and law enforcement. The L and L’s have been well attended and have exceeded the expectations of the Partnership.

In 2018, DFWCP was awarded the Drug Free Communities (DFC) Grant. This is a federally funded grant through the ONDCP (Office of National Drug Control Policy). The DFC Program provides grants to community coalitions to strengthen the infrastructure among local partners to create and sustain a reduction in local youth substance use. It is a 5-year, $625,000 grant, that is 100% match, meaning that an additiona; $125,000 a year is matched back into the community by community partners. The overall goal is to reduce the number of youth who use illegal substances and to give them a voice in changing the future. The DFC Grant is made to be a youth-led prevention and education coalition throughout Wayne County.